Newest Adventure Games

Fire Gate:

A Cooperative Adventure Game

Coming Soon!

Fire Seed: Continue your adventure from the Fire Gate with your friends and their favorite characters. You awaken to a grizzly scene atop Brewer's Peak. A sacrifice has been made, a burnt body lays smoldering, and you must decipher what has happened before a demon takes your body!

Capitalisto: The Underwhelming Misdeeds of a Lich Businessman: Something is wrong in a small town of Hallowbrook. People are disappearing, the dead are returning from the grave, and a cult of men wearing silk nooses –as if they are being hung with luxury– are selling 'Numeat' door to door. As you infiltrate the cults' catacombs, a deadly and haunting parody of the corporate world must be defeated!

Student Council (Coming - December 2018): On a wave of populism, a despot is leading the race for student body president.  Rumors of a competing high school attempting to influence the elections abound. Can you and your friends save student democracy?