About Us

Meet the Crew:

"OK, I'll pull your finger..."

Michael Gentile, Co-Founder; Director of Invention: 
The "Idea Man" behind Thousand Realms; the concept was born from his  desire to redefine the paradigm of gaming; while at the same time, bringing distant friends together via collaberative story telling. Despite this claim, some have suggested that perhaps Michael just figured out how to get a pile of free mobile phone out of the deal. Michael lives in North Hollywood, CA and spends much of his time brewing beer and tasting aforementioned beer.

"Please, don't quote me."
David Gutkin, Co-Founder; Director of Micro-Management: 
A man of mystery, very little is known about David. His dog, Brian Bacon, currently makes most of the decisions at Thousand Realms Gaming. Reportedly, the two of them reside in sunny Southern California where they spend significant time working on their daily dose of UV radiation and premature wrinkles.

"Are you going to eat that toilet paper?
Brian Bacon, Chief Animal Officer (CAO):
Brian makes most of the important decisions here at Thousand Realms. Brian leads by the philosophy, "If it is not poop, then lick it. If it is poop, then eat it." He currently resides in Pasadena, CA and spends most of his free time pursuing tennis balls.