What is Thousand Realms?

Our games are the first macrocosm of cooperative adventures for mobile devices. 

Who's Behind This?

Michael Gentile and David Gutkin, while continuing their day jobs, launched Thousand Realms in 2011. Neither of them had software backgrounds and; needless to say, they have learned a lot along the way. After many hurdles –including false starts with multiple developers, maxing out credit cards, and running low on coffee beans, we released our first app, The Fire Gate for iOS in 2016. 


A quick introduction to our multi-player features.

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Game Specific Details and Downloads
Fire Gate          Fire Seed

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Michael Gentile
Director of Invention
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Import Characters - Take your character from one adventure to the next.  Pick up armor in Fire Gate and use it to defend against bullies in High School Drama.

Asynchronous Play -  Check in with your friends whenever you have a moment at school or work.  Customize your speed of play from 5 minutes up to 1 week.

Play with Friends - It is a rough world out there, having some help can be... helpful.

Original Illustrations - Packed with original artwork.  See our details and downloads page for image galleries.

Allies - Find non-player characters to help on your adventures.  They fight for you, interact with other characters, and open up new paths.

RPG Elements - Encounter a slew of personalities including Undead Cherubs, disaffected Choir Boys, and exiled Priests.   Find unique magical items such as Merman Milt, Helms of Goblin Beauty, and intelligent -yet condescending- Wands of Ego.

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What's Next?

Aside from greater challenges for fantasy fans, we are expanding to include other genres such as high school drama, murder mystery, and mind bending surrealism.  Regardless of genre, players may continue to import their characters from one story into the next.

A few of the personalities you might encounter in a Thousand Realms Adventure.